The Patti Parks Band


The Patti Parks Band is... 

Not the same old thing, they truly are an experience!


Patti Parks has a reputation as being a riveting liveperformer who has earned her acclaim as the Best Female Blues Vocalist, awarded by Night Life Magazine Blues Music Awards. “Parks’s soulful and sensual voice cranks out an uplifting, ebullient blend of Chicago Blues, Memphis Soul, Blues Funk” - Jeff Miers, Buffalo News Music Critic.

Patti has recently released her original album, “Cheat’n Man” which continues to have radio play all over the world includingAustralia,  New Zealand, Europeand the United States. Patti has gotten outstanding reviews from famous Blues Music Magazines such as “Blues Blast Magazine”, several live interviews from Belgium’s  own Purple Haze  Radio Show to Rambling Night Blues  in Little Rock Arkansas. “Cheat’n Man“ made it on Hit Tracks Top 10 in Belgium for 6 weeks. 

Patti has performed in many major festivals including the Blues'n March Festival, Ellicottville Blues Festival, Niagara Thunder, Kalamazoo Music Festival, Blues in the Valley, Wellsville Creative Art Center, Curtains Up, Crystal Beach Concert Series in Canada, the M&T Bank Concert Series, Taste of Buffalo, Buffalo Canal Fest, the Niagara University Concert Series.

Patti has performed at famous venues as the Time Out Pub, as well as BB Kings and Rum Boogie as a guest of Tas Cru. Patti has opened up for Kelly Hunt, Jimmy Thackery, Mark Farner and The Grand Funk Railroad, George Thorogood.

Upon returning to Memphis this year, Patti will be starting her tour for 2015. Patti Is currently in The Studio working on her Newest Album



14 years – 18 years

     Patti started playing the cello and quickly realized she wanted to heighten

        her knowledge of and study music.

Patti studied at:

     The Community Music School with First Chair of the Buffalo

        Philharmonic – Robert Carpeytian

Patti attended:

     South Park High School & studied under Daniel Pyzinski

        Daniel recommended Patti to participate in an internship with the

        Cheektowaga Symphony Orchestra.

Patti participated in:

     The Geneseo String Ensemble Camp at SUNY Geneseo

        During the camp Patti was asked to play in a string ensemble along

        side professional artists from the Buffalo Philharmonic at a Tea

        hosted by the President of SUNY Buffalo State College

Patti sings professionally:

     At the age of 17 Patti began singing professionally and by 18 Patti

        joined the David Gillian Show on the Holiday Inn Circuit

Patti leads the band:

     After a decade together the band recorded an original album and won

        numerous awards while touring not only locally but regionally as well.

        Patti has been on tour nationally with blues recording artist Tas Cru and

        she has performed at the historic Juke Joints in Mississippi and at BB

        Kings on Beale Street in Memphis and everywhere in between. Patti is

        excited to take the band on their tour later this year in Maine.



The Patti Parks Band

     Leader of the band


Western New York Blues Society / Blues’n March Festival

     Promotional Director


Niagara County Community College / Blues In The Schools


     Patti performed with National Recording Blues Artist Fruteland Jackson


Dom Puntoriero,  Nick Veltri & Sam Guarino Productions

     Active participant 2010 - 2015

     R&B & Soul Revue Shows

     Blues Room Diva Show

Hard Rock Café, Niagara Falls, NY

     Producer – Self Produced 2 R&B Shows

     Utilized Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Recipients


     Hit Tracks – Cheat’n Man & Happy Your Mine

Charted – Internationally

     Hit Track Top 100 - Netherlands


     Internationally, Nationally & Locally


1- Cheat’n Man – ORIGINAL ALBUM

     Vocal Recording – Patti Parks

     Lyrics/Songwriter – Patti Parks

           Track #2 – Happy Your Mine

           Track #6 – Cheat n’ Man

     CHARTED Songs - Internationally


     Hit Tracks Top 100 / Netherlands-INTERNATIONAL

     2 Weeks - 10 & 11 – 2014

     Cheat’n Man

     Hit Tracks Top 100 / Netherlands-INTERNATIONAL

     5 Weeks – 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19

     Watcha Gonna Do

     Hit Tracks Top 100 / Netherlands-INTERNATIONAL

     7 Weeks – 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31

2- Nickel City Blues – Compact Disc

     WBFO 88.7

     Track #5 Happy Your Mine

3- WBFO Gave me The Blues Vol. 4

     WBFO 88.7

     Track Cheat n’ Man


The list of famous venues, world renowned artists and national events Patti has performed at, with, supported or produced  is endless.  She has toured throughout the Country and is continuously being invited to play on Beale Street in Memphis along with other famous venues.  She has earned a reputation for being the most dynamic performer and being able to “bring down the house.”

Local Artists:

Buffalo Hall of Fame Inductees & Members of the Band:

     Pete Holquin

     Jerry Livingston

     Jack Prysblyski

     Nick Salamone

     Nick Veltri

     Ray Hangen

     Sam Guarino

     Dave Constantino

     Doug Morgano

     Al Hurry


R&B Show Performance:

     Dolly Durante / Patti Parks Productions

     Sam Guarino / R&B Show Producer

     Billy Mcqwen

     Barb Sinclair

     Joe Head

     Bob Mier

     Kenny Thomusulo

     Al Monti / Also worked together on various projects

     Joe Parisi / Also worked together on various projects


Worked Together on Various Projects:

     Bruce Johnstone / Music Professor at Geneseo College  

     Dave Constantino / Dinosaur Barbaque Show

     Mick Hayes / Music Hall of Fame, Hogrosa Labor Day Concert

     Doug Morgano / Buffalo Music Hall of Fame

     Tommy Z / Music Hall of Fame, Buffalo Music Awards


National Artists:

1- Victor Vanacore

     Maestro Los Angeles Philharmonic

2- Janice Johnson

     National Recording Artist

     Sang back up at the Native American Music Awards

3- Keith Secola

     National Recording Artist

     Sang back up at the Native American Music Awards

4- George Thorogood and the Destroyers

     Opening Act

5- Grand Funk Railroad

     Played together at Club Infinity

6- Tas Cru

     Performed together at various venues - Blues Music Awards

     Buffalo, Memphis, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan

     *Tas & Patti have performed for the past 6 years together in Memphis

7- Kelley Hunt

     Performed with at March n Blues Festival / Buffalo NY

8- Jimmy Thackery

     Performed with at March n Blues Festival / Buffalo NY

9- Savoy Brown

     Performed with at March n Blues Festival / Buffalo NY

10- Kim Simmonds

     Performed with at March n Blues Festival / Buffalo NY

11- Fruteland Jackson

     Performed with at “Keeping Blues Alive” Niagara University

12- Roman Mekinulov

     World renowned Cellist for Patti’s original song Mama

     Performed together at the Cove

13- Gary Mallabar

     World renowned recording artist

     Recorded Cheat n’Man / Drums #8

14- Teeny Tucker

     National Recording Artist


Collaborated on Cheat’n Man-Original Album:

     Dwane Hall / Original Recordad at Dwane Studio

     Guy Nirelli (organ - #1-4,6-9)

     Nick Veltri (bass - #1,3,6-9)

     John Riggi (guitar - #2,8,9)

     Pete Holguin (drums - #1,4,7, background vocals - #3)

     Gerry Yougman (trumpet - #1,2,8,9)

     Nick Salamone (tenor saxophone - #1,2,8,9)

     Paul Vanacore (baritone saxophone - #1,2,6,8,9)

     Extra Players:

     Charles Buffamanti (guitar - #1,3,4,6,7)

     Carol Ann Swift (piano - #1,3,4,7)

     Ken Kaufman (piano - #5)

     Jimmy Eingher (piano - #2,8,9)

     Bob Miers (trombone - #1,8,9)

     Bobby Serette (tenor saxophone - #6)

     Bob Ambrusko (bass - #2,6)

     Gerry Livingston (bass - #5)

     Gary Mallaber (drums - #8)

     Mike Phelps (drums - #3,9)

     Ray Hangen (drums - #2)

     Rich Ray (drums - #6)

     Carl 'Flute' Johnson (drums - #5)

     Sam Guarino (background vocals - 3)

     Carol Ann Swist (background vocals - #3)